We are part of a power transmission revolution enabling a new era of system design and creativity that isn’t limited by the cost or constraints of copper wires.  Our group of scientists, engineers, and entrepreneurs are developing tools and solutions that will bring ubiquitous wireless power closer to reality in markets that matter.



Established at Intellectual Ventures’ Labs in Bellevue, WA, we have been designing wireless power applications as an incubated startup within the Invention Science Fund since 2016.

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MetaPower’s revolutionary beam-forming technology enables long-range, steerable, wireless-power solutions. Our reconfigurable, software-defined antennas can focus power on a moving receiver and follow it in real-time, by forming narrow converging beams or exploiting multi-path environments. With our innovative technology, our remote-power link can provide power across distances of several feet to hundreds of feet, through fog and dust. A modular solution by design, the system’s power level and transfer distance can be increased as needed by tiling together additional transmitters. Our system operates within an unlicensed spectrum band (ISM) and requires very little bandwidth, such that WiFi, Bluetooth, and other wireless communication protocols can continue to operate in its presence.









Mark Waldenberg has over 23 years of experience in executive management, business development, and sales related to product realization for the IoT market.  Prior to joining MetaPower as its CEO at the company's founding, Mark lead the worldwide sales team at Intrinsyc Technologies, Inc. (acquired By Lantronix Inc. in 2020).  While at Intrinsyc, Mark and his team were focused on enabling a wide range of OEMs from startups to Fortune 500 companies with cutting edge Qualcomm computing solutions and engineering design services for product deployments including autonomous vehicles, security cameras, ultrasound, video conferencing, wearables, and robotics.

Prior to Intrinsyc, Mark was a Strategic Account Executive at Airbiquity in Seattle, WA, selling into automotive OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers in Japan and Korea. He also worked as the Director of Business Development for Calamp and a Regional Account Manager for Bsquare Corporation.




Co-Founder/Metamaterials Lead Designer

Guy Lipworth received his PH.D from Duke University under the mentorship of metamaterial-pioneer Professor David Smith. At Duke University, Guy’s metamaterial research spanned a wide range of the electromagnetic spectrum, from sub-gigahertz designs for enhanced resonant Wireless Power Transfer (WPT), to microwave and millimeter wave (MMW) holographic computational-imaging apertures for security-screening applications. At MetaPower, Guy has been conducting cutting-edge metamaterial research to enable commercially-viable long-range, steerable, wireless power, and his work was featured in GeekWire and the proceedings of IEEE’s International Microwave Symposium. Guy has authored over 20 journal and conference papers, and has been granted 23 patents and patent applications.



GM Ogle

Vice President Engineering

GM Ogle has over 20 years of experience in embedded, wireless and high tech product development, having successfully shipped both software and hardware products from early concept, though multiple generations of sustained development.  GM was previously Director of PM and Project Operations at Fresh Consulting, where he established the PMO for a fast-growing Bellevue, WA based consultancy serving software development, hardware development, design and strategy consulting sectors. 


Prior to Fresh Consulting, GM spent 15 years at Microsoft serving in a number of leadership roles, most recently as Director of New Product Experiences for the Surface product family, where he was responsible for developing bespoke hardware and software experience concepts for future Surface hardware programs.  Here, he drove definition of a new team within Surface, provided leadership to developers, program managers, and designers in the creation and development of new product experiences, to power the future of computing hardware from Microsoft.  He has extensive experience developing processes and procedures to envision, develop and deliver hardware and software products to market.



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