Accelerate Digital Transformation with Early Access to MetaPower’s Intelligent Wireless Power Platform


July 20, 2021

Accelerate Digital Transformation with Early Access to MetaPower’s Intelligent Wireless Power Platform

Exclusive Program Highlights Next Generation Capabilities of Company’s mmWave Wireless Power Systems

Seattle, WA, July 20th, 2021 – MetaPower, the innovators creating the future of Intelligent Wireless Power, today announced an Early Access Program tailored to key industrial partners seeking to evaluate MetaPower’s cutting-edge 24Ghz wireless power platform and cloud connectivity technologies which are expected to launch in Fall 2021.

“We now have a unique market opportunity to leverage years of advanced wireless power research and development and redefine how wireless power can enable and speed Digital Transformation for large commercial and industrial enterprises,” said Mark Waldenberg, CEO of MetaPower. “Our core technology platform offers a compelling combination of power density, dynamic power ranges and distances, fast beam-switching, and autonomous operation that enables brand new capabilities for partners in the Manufacturing, Energy, and Critical Infrastructure vertical markets and pushes them even closer to full realization of Industry 4.0.”

The EAP will be deeply collaborative and will involve technology integration, training, and operation of MetaPower prototype hardware and software systems at partner facilities followed by joint team reviews of the system performance and optimization for a range of strategic use cases. The EAP serves to demonstrate the functionality and design of MetaPower hardware and software, as well as the refinement of the company’s production plans to meet the needs of future partners and clients in real-world environments.

For more information on MetaPower’s Early Access Program and requirements for participating companies, please send email to
About MetaPower

MetaPower, LLC is a wireless power startup located in Seattle, WA. The company was launched from the Invention Science Fund at Intellectual Ventures in June 2020 after several years of R&D focused on RF power beaming technologies. The company is dedicated to creating innovative wireless power systems that significantly impact process and operational efficiency of large enterprises. To learn more, visit or email at